Sunbow at American Camp ~ San Juan Island National Historical Park, WA

If you look closely you can see it.  At first I didn’t.  It was just another sunset.  Nothing special.  I filed the photo away with the other “sunset” pictures… but one day when I was out walking, I saw one!  My first sunbow.  It looked like a “sign” from heaven.  Apocalyptic maybe?  Was it a warning?   Perhaps it was, but not of something ominous.  For me, it existed as a sign to “slow down” and not miss the wonders of the world around me.  I didn’t have my camera when I saw that sunbow.  I wish I had been able to capture it for others to see.  Later, I remembered the photos saved in the “sunset” folder though.  There it was…waiting for me to recognize the subtle dispersal of colors surrounding the sun as it retired for the day!

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