Untitled by Cynthia Brast

The Gallows


They came to get him in the night

When everything was black

A lantern cast an eerie glow

Down from the horse’s back


They said he was a wanted man

Guilty of the crime

The rope they held for all to see

He had but little time.


No judge or jury to advocate

Against the angry mob

There was nowhere for him to run

His wife began to sob.


The man he kneeled to pray to God

“Save my eternal soul…

Help my family when I’m gone

It’s all in your control.”


He kissed his wife and son goodbye

And then he stepped outside

To face his fate from the angry men

About him who had lied.


They led him to the rounded knoll

Where the gallows stood

The rope was slipped around his neck

Over his head they placed a hood.


That night he left the home he’d known

And the family he had loved.

But God had heard his prayers that night

From heaven up above.


His family was provided for

God watched over them for him.

And promised that they would one day be

Together once again.                                      


 ***Text and photographs copyright 2011 by Cynthia Brast.  No part of this story may be reproduced in any form without the expressed written consent of the author.



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