Insomnia and the Sandman

Last night I couldn’t fall asleep.  Maybe it was the almost full moon outside  There was a glow on the trees that cast shadows in my room.  I believe that’s when the Sandman snuck in and sprinkled rhyming dust on my head.  Whatever the case, it got the verse going and the words started flowing.

So this verse is in jest, as you all might have guessed. Not meant for offense, just good humor at best.  The sandman has gone, so maybe now I can rest 🙂

Enjoy!  xx


Be wary of Barry
He’s out on patrol,
Looking for people
With their dogs on a stroll.

You better have leashes
Attached to your pet,
Or he’ll give you a ticket
But that’s not all you’ll get.

Hands up in the air
Face down on the ground,
You better not move
And don’t make a sound!

Or out come those handcuffs
He’ll take you to jail.
You’ll have to call up your friends
To get you out on bail.

But the al-ter-na-tive
Is much worse you know,
He has a gun on his hip
And it’t not just for show.

If you make Barry mad
And you argue instead,
He might pull the trigger
And shoot your dog dead.


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