Don’t Feed the….CAMEL!



Mona, I’ve heard isn’t doing so great

With all the snacks tourists feed her, she’s gained too much weight.


Now it’s affected her system “E” “N” “Do” “crine”

That’s not fun at all, no not a bit…WHEN…


One at a time, then two or three clumps

Mona’s lost her hair, even over her hump.


The vet came to see Poor Mona one day

And this is what she had to say:


“Mona needs to lose weight

No more snacks can she eat.

It’s putting much too much stress

On all her four feet!”


“She needs healthy food,

And a little medicine

To help her hair

Start growing back in!”


Come say hello, but please do refrain!

Mona needs to follow the vet’s regimen.


Watch out for traffic when you stop over too

And please not too late, Mona has a curfew!


And after your visit, if you feel so inclined

Stop by San Juan Vineyards for a nice glass of wine!



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