Feathered Cacophony

This morning bright and early

Against the window pane,

I heard a loud commotion

That might make me go insane.


About the same time last year,

It went on for 100 days,

At five o-clock every morning,

And left me in a haze.


I think it is the same one

That came again this year.

It makes me dread the springtime

I once held very dear.


You see… HE sees another

Reflected in the glass.

And he body slams the window

In order to harass…


This feathered spring intruder

Dressed in a bright red vest,

Staring right back at him

Threatening his nest.


Banging on the window,

He tries to chase away

His very own reflection

From the eggs his mate did lay.


So until the eggs are hatched,

And the robins do migrate,

My mornings will be ruined

No more sleeping late!!!


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