One Day At a Time

I’m reminded constantly of the need to take my life one day at a time.  To turn off the worries about what is out of my control and try to find moments of peace and gratitude for the beauty around me.  To treasure the friends that offer kind words and support when life sends you sour lemons and to know that sometimes those lemons spark your culinary skills into mixing up the best lemonade ever. 


Using those hurdles in life to make your muscles stronger.  Turning obstacles into opportunities for stretching yourself into a hardier opponent…so that in the game of life, you don’t give up and quit before you even get started.


They say that creativity is born out of necessity.  Sometimes out of absolute desperation, but often in the quiet moments when, feeling depleted, we sit down to rest.   Listening to the birds and breathing in the fresh air can restore us to a place where we can begin again.  Savoring the sunshine in the morning or taking our lunch break outside with a midday stroll.  Accepting that not every day will be the same and that the challenges actually help us to appreciate the days when things are “perfect.” 


If we never cried, could we find the joy in sharing laughter? Perhaps life’s meaning is discovered in the experiences, good and bad, on our journey…one day at a time.


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